Mic in the Face is not on purpose

A Soloproject presenting produced Electronic Dance Music with live acoustic Drums

"You can do yoga while listening to this or dance the whole night away in the club". - A reaction from the audience that could hardly describe this music more aptly.
MIC IN THE FACE IS NOT ON PURPOSE is electronic dance music with many small elements that always provide surprises and distinguish this music from continuous Four on the Floor - EDM. A special feature is the strong influence from the field of film music, which ensures that the music dives into epic-cinematic atmospheres again and again in addition to the electro-clubbing character. The consistent use of live acoustic drums in combination with sampled voice sequences creates a warm and lively colour all of its own. It is music to listen to consciously, to let run and create atmosphere, to dance, to let fall or to drive at night and you are never quite sure whether you are on an electro trip or in a cinema film.

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Released in November 2023 at Farbton Records

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